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Setting Up A Trust?

When embarking on the journey of starting a trust, it's important to make sure you get sound legal advice. However, neglecting to get sound legal advice when drafting a trust deed from the outset could ultimately prove to be a far more expensive and detrimental decision in the long term.

Selecting the right trust could be the difference in in safeguarding your assets for generations to come or facing uncertain financial outcomes in the future.

From safeguarding family wealth to minimizing taxes, trusts offer invaluable benefits. Unlike companies, trusts aren't separate legal entities—except for tax purposes. Typically, a trustee holds assets, including property, for the benefit of beneficiaries.

Yet, the world of trusts is vast, with various types, each tailored for specific purposes, governed by distinct rules. To make the right choice, it's crucial to understand how each operates in alignment with your unique circumstances.

For precision and peace of mind, expert legal guidance is indispensable when setting up a trust. Our commercial lawyers adopt a holistic approach to help you select the ideal trust model that perfectly aligns with your objectives and life situation.


Trust Structuring and Setup Services

Monica offers the following legal services to help you determine whether and which type of trust suits your business and personal needs:

Advice on the Different Trusts
Fixed Unit Trusts
Trust Deeds
Taxation of trusts
T&Cs or Terms of Use
Discretionary (Family) Trusts
Hybrid Trusts
Variation of Trusts
Testamentary Trusts
Making Notes

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