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Employment Law Solicitor

When dealing with employment law matters, it's crucial to consult experienced legal professionals. Underestimating the importance of expert legal advice at the outset can lead to significant and lasting consequences for your financial well-being and overall employment strategy.

Choosing the right employment law solicitor is the key to ensuring a smooth and successful transition in your employment journey, protecting your rights, and securing your future.

Employment law impacts everyone, whether you're an employee or an employer. Understanding its nuances is vital to know your rights and responsibilities. Monica specialises in managing business-employee relationships, resolving disputes, and ensuring legal compliance.

Across diverse industries, such as professional services, retail, manufacturing, and more, Monica offers discreet and determined legal counsel. She will protect your rights and reputation while helping you navigate complex employment regulations.


Employment Law Services

Monica offers the following legal services to help you navigate your employment law needs:

Employment Agreements
Termination of Employment
Restraint of Trade Clauses
Workplace Disputes
Workplace Bullying & Harassment
Contractor Agreements
Advice in Relation to FWA and Awards
Confidentiality and Privacy (NDAs)
Dispute Resolution
Making Notes

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