Monica has studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Music (BMus) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, with 1st Class Honours.  She is a highly experienced teacher with all her students gaining an average result of A in their AMEB exams.  Monica specialises in accelerating gifted and high performing musicians, with many students being accelerated to Grade 5+ after their 1st year or two of study.


Monica has experience in preparing students for AMEB exams, scholarships, auditions, competitions and eisteddfods.  Monica is also experienced in teaching composition, musicianship, theory, music craft, and preparing students for their HSC examinations in all three areas: performance, composition and musicology.  She regularly conducts workshops and seminars on composition writing and string ensemble playing at both private and public schools.

Monica's students have gained entry into the Sydney Conservatorium High School, Sydney Girls High School, Baulkham Hills High School and scholarships to the Hills Grammar, Tara Girls School, Newington College and Sydney Grammar.

Monica currently teaches over 30 students across Sydney.








  • 30 min, 45 min, 60 min










Age: 4+

Methodology: Traditional European, Suzuki, and Kodaly.

Examination: AMEB.

Styles: Classical, Gypsy, Jazz, Pop, Rock etc.

Cost: Lessons start from $40 for half an hour*.

Delivery: One-to-one lessons at studio or your home.

Benefits: Improves coordination and problem-solving skills, helps students express themselves creatively and encourages teamwork through ensemble playing.


Monica holds a Bachelor of Music (1st class honours) from the Sydney. Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney. Monica is highly skilled and qualified violin teacher. One of her main goals as a teacher is to not only to pass knowledge about music or the instrument, but also to make students eager to learn, be confident performers and make playing music fun. Monica is a dedicated teacher and inspiring mentor.


Monica's teaching experience includes 14 years of practical teaching experience and 1 year of pedagogical study as part of her degree, specialising in teaching methodologies such as ColorStrings, Kodaly, Suzuki and Western European methods.  She also has valuable performance experience that she shares with her more advanced students.

Specialities include:

  • AMEB exams

  • Scholarships

  • Eisteddfods

  • Competitions

  • HSC Music

  • School Assessments

  • Gifted and Talented students

  • Learning violin for fun

  • Colorstring Method


* For half hour lessons paid 10 weeks in advanced.

Colorstring Method

This method is used to introduce music to children as young as 3 years of age.  It is a fun and creative way to introducing music to young children.  Monica is trained in this method, and actively uses this method with her very young students.

The Colourstrings approach based on the Kodály philosophy aims to solve this conflict by creating an environment in which singing, playing games and instruments live side by side, for the happiness of the child. A music land such as this, which is an integral part of the child’s world of play, should be available to all. The method is a child-oriented mode of teaching music. The philosophy and method do not form or mould the child to suit the instrument; rather, they ‘tame’ the instrument and the teaching to meet the needs of the child. Children who begin to play the violin using this method develop fine intonation, equally advanced technique in both hands, a developed music intellect, a good ability to read music, and an artistic aptitude for musical timbre, nuance, detail and phrasing.



Violin lessons are available in the following locations: Castle Hill, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge, Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds, Glenwood, Rouse Hill, Schofields, Riverstone, Box Hill, Pitt Town, Kenthurst and Annagrove.


Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB)

This is the examination syllabus used in Australia and recognised all over the world. Exams can be undertaken from Preliminary Grade through to Grade Eight. The AMEB also offer diploma level awards including the Certificate of Performance, AmusA and LmusA. Monica provides tuition and guidance for all grades and diploma levels. Lessons include preparing students for their practical music exams including their technical work (scales and exercises), repertoire, aural, sight reading and general knowledge. Monica also ensures students learn studies and other technical exercises in addition to the AMEB syllabus in order to help them excel in their exams. 


Exams are usually held at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and students are required to have an accompanist for their exams. Monica will provide you with a suitable and available accompanist for your exam. Please note, that depending on your child's level and ability, they will need to have a few rehearsals with their accompanist prior to their exam.

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Age: 8+ (or when your child is in year 2 or 3 at school)

Methodology: Western music theory.

Examination: AMEB.

Styles: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern music, Jazz and Pop.

Cost: Lessons start from $40 for half an hour*.

Delivery: One-to-one lessons at studio, or your home.

Benefits: Improves sight-reading, improves understanding of music played, helps students read music quickly, and improves problem solving skills.

Music Craft


Music craft combines both theory and aural aspects of music, providing graded exams from Preliminary to Grade 6. Exams are done online.




Theory teaches students musical terms, keys, intervals, chords, rhythm, transposition and general music knowledge.  There is no aural component.  Graded exams are for grades 1 to Licentiate Diploma.




Musicianship teaches students musical terms, pitch and tonality, keys and scales, intervals, chords, rhythm, transposition and general music knowledge.  From grade 4 onwards, it offers students an aural component in which students learn to recognise pitches, scales, rhythms, expression and mood and form and history. Graded exams are for grades 1 to Associate Diploma.


* For half hour lessons paid 10 weeks in advanced.


Age: 12+ (or when your child begins High School).

Methodology: Both instrumental and electroacoustic.

Styles: Classical, Jazz, Electroacoustic, Sound Design, Ensemble, Orchestral, Pop.

Cost: Lessons start from $150 per hour.

Delivery: One-to-one lessons at studio, at your place, or online.

Benefits: Learn to write your own music and arrange tunes.


Specialties include: Ads, Game Music, Film Music, Scoring, Commissions, Orchestrations, Soundscapes, Installations, Arrangements, Classical, Electroacustic, Electronic, HSC Music, and home schooling.


Listen to compositions by Monica Rouvellas here.


Age: 16 ie Year 11 & Year 12.

Methodology: HSC Board of Studies Syllabus.

Courses: Music 1, Music 2, and Extension Music.


Cost: Lessons start from $150 per hour.

Delivery: One-to-one lessons at the studio, at your home or online.

Benefits: Attain outstanding HSC results, access to past exam papers, prepare for each component of the exam including the compulsory composition and performance piece.